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Neuroprotection of the Developing Brain

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Fetal development outside the womb leads to altered brain development resulting in well-documented risks for motor impairments, cognitive deficits and behavioral disorders. Separation of the infant from mother exacerbates these risks. Neuroprotective care involves interventions used to help prevent neuronal injury and support optimal brain development in hospitalized infants.

In this one-hour webinar, Dr. Raylene Phillips will describe evidence-based, clinical strategies to provide neuroprotective care for preterm infants in the NICU. She will share an innovative approach to organizing or revitalizing a family-centered, neuroprotective, developmental care program for your NICU. You will hear many practical ideas you can put into practice immediately.

Our Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe at least 3 ways preterm brain development can be altered by the NICU environment
  2. Describe at least 3 ways NICU staff can support neuroprotective care in the NICU
  3. Describe at least 3 ways parents can provide neuroprotective care for their babies that NICU staff cannot

Our Presenter:

raylene-phillipsDr. Raylene Phillips, MD, IBCLC, FABM, FAAPNTMTC

Attending Neonatologist at Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital and RCRMC

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at Loma Linda University School of Medicine

Director of Nursery/Neonatology at LLUMC-Murrieta

Dr. Phillips is a NIDCAP-trained developmental specialist, a lactation consultant, and an attending neonatologist. She has a passion for providing “whole baby care” that includes strong, healthy bonds between infants and parents and considers them to be foundational to the development of physical, neurological and psycho-emotional health and well being for all human beings, – no matter how small.

This course is no longer available for CE credit

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