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Infant-Driven Feeding®: A Systematic Neurodevelopmental Model for Oral Feeding Practice in the NICU

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Why you want to attend:

Cue Based Feeding is an established and evidence-based approach to oral feeding in the NICU.  However, NICU professionals are left with many variables when attempting to implement cue based feeding as a systematic practice. This leaves the neonatal community scrambling for consistency within and between units. This inconsistency presents a barrier to successful and replicable implementation.

Infant-Driven Feeding® (IDF) is a systematic neurodevelopmental model of care created to advance oral feeding practice in the NICU. In this model, the culture and practice of feeding is deeply rooted in neurodevelopment, begins at admission, and sets the stage for long-term feeding success.

In this one hour webinar, Sue Ludwig  and Kara Ann Waitzman  (creators of Infant-Driven Feeding®) will outline the importance of a neurodevelopmental approach to feeding in contrast to traditional feeding practice. They will highlight the 7 practical components of the IDF Model including documentation of feeding readiness, quality and caregiver techniques. And most importantly, they will illustrate how and why the infant must drive the initiation and progression of feeding.

Our Learning Objectives:

1)    Discuss at list two benefits (to staff or infant) of having a neurodevelopmental approach to oral feeding.
2)    List the 7 components of the Infant-Driven Feeding® Model of practice.
3)    Describe how and when to use the different parts of the Infant-Driven Feeding Scales©.

Our Presenters:

Sue Ludwig OTR/L and Kara Ann Waitzman OTR/L, NTMTC are the co-founders of Infant-Driven Feeding® (IDF) as well as practicing neonatal therapists. With over 40 years of combined experience in the NICU, they are knowledgeable and passionate about improving short and long term feeding experiences for infants and families. Sue and Kara Ann are sought after national speakers and experts in neonatal feeding. They continue to strive for the advancement of oral feeding practice on an international level.



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