December 7, 2012

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Collaborative Caring:

An Interprofessional Approach to

Caring Activities in the NICU



Interprofessional collaboration is defined as two or more health care team members from differing professions working together productively, each making unique contributions to common patient centered goals.

During this one hour webinar we will present the concept of collaborative caring, outline teamwork competencies, share a team work assessment checklist and present 3 clinical practice scenarios that provide an opportunity to incorporate collaborative caring at the bedside.

Healthcare for the 21st century mandates an interprofessional collaborative approach – clinicians committed to quality and patient safety must breakdown the existing professional silos and collaborate  for an enhanced patient experience of care that results in improved outcomes.

Our Learning Objectives:

  1. Define the concept of interprofessional collaboration
  2. Identify two ways to assess your team’s level of teamwork.
  3. List three strategies to incorporate collaborative caring to each care interaction in the NICU

Our Presenter:

Mary Coughlin, RN, MS, NNP, is the president and founder of Caring Essentials Collaborative. She is a motivational and transformational leader and educator.   Mary is a veteran of the USAF Nurse Corp, a neonatal nurse practitioner, a sought after international speaker, a key leader within an accountable care organization, a published author and global entrepreneur.

Through transformational learning  and authentic leadership Mary motivates and inspires clinicians to BE The Difference with each and every care interaction!


This course is no longer available for CE credit

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