Feb 4, 2011

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Silent Dangers in Skin Care Products:

Three Ingredients you don’t want in the NICU or in YOU!

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Exposures to chemicals begin early and come from a number of sources. Even babies’ cord blood is contaminated with hundreds of industrial chemical compounds before birth that can be neurotoxic, linked to cancer, and cause birth defects.

Of the more than 90,000 chemicals in use in the US today, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has tested only 200 of these for safety and banned only 5 of them since 1976!

There is even an overabundance of harsh and harmful chemicals being used in the hospital environment, even on babies’ fragile skin. Exposures from multiple sources add up and result in a total body burden that can lead to short and long term medical problems, and are potentially contributing to the American epidemic of allergies, asthma, and developmental disabilities.

WHO is the Presenter:

Kathi Salley Randall is the creator of greenNICU.com. Kathi is a NNP with 17 years NICU experience and a passionate environmental advocate. She is an international speaker and is excited to share with fellow NICU clinicians the shocking reality of our modern chemical world and the health effects seen beyond the walls of the NICU.

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