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“Becoming a Mother:
Supporting Maternal Role Attainment in the NICU”

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NICU professionals are well aware of the role we play in supporting the developing preterm infant, but did you know that we also play a role in supporting the developing mother?

This presentation will discuss the psychological processes involved in the transition from woman to pregnant woman to mother, as well as the potential impact of preterm delivery on maternal role attainment.  Strategies to guide, encourage and affirm a new mother in the NICU will also be presented.

Learning Objectives:

  • 1

    Outline at least two psychological processes experienced by pregnant women as they transition to motherhood

  • 2

    List several ways in which preterm birth and the NICU environment can hamper attachment

  • 3

    Describe one or more nursing care strategies that may promote maternal role attainment

Our Speaker:

Alexandra Luton

Alex Luton is a Neonatal Clinical Nurse Specialist with 10 years of NICU experience across all levels of care.  Though her professional life has been rich with learning opportunities, no single experience has impacted her more professionally than becoming a mother.  Alex is passionate about encouraging and empowering new mothers in the NICU through informed and intentional caring behaviors at the bedside.  

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This course has been approved by the California Board of Registered Nurses,
Provider Number 15417 for 1 contact hours.

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