Just one more step to finalize your webinar registration

In the next few minutes, you will get an email from Cathy Bush that says "One more step: Confirm your request."  This email contains a confirmation link.

You must click the link found in your email to confirm your registration and receive future email reminders about the webinar.


  • If 5-minutes goes by and you don’t see an email from Cathy Bush check your Spam, Junk or Bulk folder. If you find the email there, be sure to identify it as “Not Spam”, or add me to your address book, so you can continue to receive future emails from me.
  • If you use Gmail - Be sure to check your Updates or Promotions Folder.


  • If 30-minutes goes by and you don’t see the email anywhere, including your spam folder, simply fill out the form again and this time use your home email address (especially if you used your work email address the first time — some hospital email systems are really tricky!). Click here to go back to the registration form.
  • If you complete the form again, and an hour goes by and an email from Cathy Bush of Dandle-LION Medical isn’t in your Spam, Junk or Bulk mail, click here to email Cathy Bush (cathy.bush@dandlelionmedical.com) so I can personally help get you register.