Recorded Webinars:

The presentations listed below are still available for viewing, but are no longer eligible for CE credit.

Alexandra Luton

Becoming a Mother: Supporting Maternal Role Attainment in the NICU

NICU professionals are well aware of the role we play in supporting the developing preterm infant, but did you know that we also play a role in supporting the developing mother?

This presentation will discuss the psychological processes involved in the transition from woman to pregnant woman to mother, as well as the potential impact of preterm delivery on maternal role attainment.  Strategies to guide, encourage and affirm a new mother in the NICU will also be presented.

Mindy Morris DNP, NNP-BC, CNS

Liz Drake MN, NNP, CNS

Team: From Development to Sustainability

Have you ever been stuck doing things the same way and not getting the momentum you know is needed to accomplish the goal? The adage “If you have always done it that way, it is probably wrong” comes to mind. What are those things? Do you find there is exhaustion of the vital few? Do you have difficulty sustaining practices? Does QI occur from the top down? Does your team practice with a shared mental model?

Unit culture and conditions often direct practice in NICU’s. This presentation will share two unique approaches in the development/implementation of a team-based approach to care in both a large and small NICU.

  •  One approach was the development of an interdisciplinary team to care for a population (ELBW Infant) in a specific new unit within a larger NICU.
  •  Another approach was a grass-roots method based on staff interest and passion. Self-identified energy was utilized to form teams for process improvement in four key areas.
  •  Similarities and differences to approach, results, and ongoing support will be presented as well as identified barriers and possible solution strategies.

Lori Gunther, MS, CPXP

The Experience is Everything

At one time or another we have all been a patient or family member of someone who has been in a healthcare setting. As healthcare providers, we come out of that experience with a new and different perspective; we understand the importance of sharing the experience, good and bad, so that meaningful change can take place. Healthcare providers play a critical role in improving the healthcare experience for patients and their families.  Right now, improving the patient and family experience is the number one priority of hospital CEO’s. This work is important and deserves our attention; it also requires the engagement and support of strong leaders at every level of the hospital.    Lori will talk about the current trends in the perinatal and neonatal sector of healthcare and how improving communication between employees and patients/families and between employees themselves can improve the patient experience and increase employee’s job satisfaction.

Laura Miller 

From Preemie to Young Adult: A 26-Year Retrospective Look at Parenting a NICU Graduate

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I wonder what happened to that family, once they left the NICU?” Thousands of infants and their parents spend time in NICUs every year, but once they transition to home, we often lose track of them. Through pictures and stories, Laura will share a long-range view of her life, and of her 27-week twins, after their NICU experience. You’ll hear how a six-month NICU stay impacted every aspect of their lives. Laura will talk candidly about PTSD, disabilities, mental health, coping and adapting; and how she discovered new personal and professional paths as a result of her experiences from the early 1990’s.

Kathi Salley Randall RN, MSN, CNS, NNP-BC

100 Billion Neurons: Exploring the next generation of NICUs designed to support optimal brain development

At birth, a baby’s brain is made up of about 100 billion neurons, roughly the same number of stars in the Milky Way.

In the NICU there exists many challenges and opportunities when it comes to supporting the health of these neurons and the rapidly developing neonatal brain.

In this presentation we will review the basics of fetal and neonatal brain development and explore potential social and biological threats to its normal development and how some NICU's are altering design and culture to optimize brain health.

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